Hi all

Over the next week or so I will be running a blog for the Exchangegamesecret. I will run the tests in spells of 30 mins & will use the turbo version for the tests. In reality though it may prove too difficult to calculate & place the required stake in time for this version & the standard version would be advised.

So here we go then, below are my 1st 2 x 30 min session ran. The 1st was ran on Monday between 7.45pm & 8.15pm & the 2nd this morning between 7.15am & 7.45am. I will use a £100 bank & using 4% of bank for each lay (as advised). I will keep to level stakes rather than compounding for the purposes of this test. All profit figs include commission taken off.

Mon Evening Test 

2 qualifying games

Hand 2 – layed £4 at 6.85. Lay won = £3.80.  New fig £103.80

Hand 1 – layed £4 at 9.4. Drifted to 13.6 & greened up for guaranteed profit of £1.18. Bank now at £104.98

Weds Am

5 qualifying games

H4 layed at 9.5. Drifted to 32 so lay allowed to run. Lay dheated with one other. Calculated loss of -£17 (odds halved as dheat). Bank now at £87.98

H1 layed at 5.8. Drifted to 79 so lay allowed to run. Lay won so +£3.80. Bank = £91.78

H4 layed at 6.75. Shorted to 2.01 so back £2.66 (2/3rds of stake). Hand won so lay lost but we won a small portion on the back. Loss however is -£20.45. Bank = £71.33.

H4 layed at 5.78. Drifted to 13.1. Greened up for a profit of £1.80. Bank = £73.13

H3 layed at 7.7. Drifted to 36 so lay allowed to run. Hand lost so lay won for a profit of £3.80. Bank = £74.93.

Not a very good start at all. You also have to have alot of patience as sometimes you can go 5 hands & above with no qualifying bet. Painful stuff!

Will make next post when I have ran two more 30 min sessions. I plan to run for about another 6hrs testing, sooner if the bank gets wiped out.