Exclusive Punters Club Final Review

I have been looking at the Exclusive Punters Club, a horse racing tipping service with tiered subscriptions depending on the length of the subscription. The cheapest option is the 90-day subscription for £120.

The tips are received via email in the evening, and it is vital that you act on them when received. To get value, Alec takes early prices and the odds stated in the email don’t last for long. Therefore, I couldn’t proof this to Betfair SP as per normal for reviewing a tipping service. I will make the assumption that it is possible to get the prices quoted, or close to them anyways.

So this is a simple service to operate, receive the email and place the bets.

The advised base stake is bank divided by 100, so I started with a £1000 bank.

We ended the trial £240 down to which £80 pro-rata subscriptions needs to be applied. We were £460 down at one stage, so we have had an impressive recovery. It also has to be stated that the trail operated in June with the wettest Summer known, and this totally disrupted the profitability of the trial.

The emails I received were all bets to win, however the results recorded on the website are to each-way. This makes a huge difference as the service has made a profit during the trial period when bet each-way.

Normally a loss of £320 (with subscription included) would be a FAIL but I will categorise this as NEUTRAL because once the weather settled down we seemed to get more consistent results and it appears that using the service to bet each-way may be a better option than the one I was advised to follow.

It is really worth availing yourself of the free trial and making your own conclusions.

You can get a free trial here: