Exclusive Punters Club Follow-Up

Concerned that the review hit an unusually poor period due to the appalling weather during the Summer I continued to monitor this service in the background. I did note in the “final” review that the results were more consistent once the weather settled down. It appears that I was right to be worried as the service has performed really well since the review finished.

To recap:

The Exclusive Punters Club is a horse racing tipping service with tiered subscriptions depending on the length of the subscription. The cheapest option is the 90-day subscription for £120.

The tips are received via email in the evening, and it is vital that you act on them when received. To get value, Alec takes early prices and the odds stated in the email don’t last for long. Therefore, I couldn’t proof this to Betfair SP as per normal for reviewing a tipping service. I made the assumption that it is possible to get the prices quoted, or close to them anyways.

So this is a simple service to operate, receive the email and place the bets.

The advised base stake is bank divided by 100, so I started with a £1000 bank. The review ended with the bank down by £240.

Placing the bets as advised, the bank now stands at £336 up, not a bad recovery and a tidy profit for the last 3 months. Just to temper things a wee bit, 5 months of £80 subscriptions need to be factored in. However, this is from a £1,000 starting bank; it follows that a £2,000 bank would have cleared the subscriptions and be showing a nice profit.

On this basis I think I need to amend this service from NEUTRAL to APPROVED.

You can try the Exclusive Punters Club here: