This service is a journey that you will have to buy into, rather than a tipster service. It concerns football and horse racing markets, and is currently split into five sections, but the services are under constant development and improvement. Currently the sections come under the headings of Dutch Betting (horse racing), Betfair Trading (an instruction manual and video tutorial), Football Betting for Pre-Match and In-Play bets, In-Play Betting (horse racing) and there’s an automated betting bot.

What I have found so far is that you do need a level of engagement to get involved here. It is also advisable, though not essential in most cases, to subscribe to an Application Programming Interface (API), and Fairbot is suggested, as well as The Bet Engine and Betsender, so once you are subscribed, there may be further costs along the way, though these aren’t huge.

So far I am just getting my teeth into the Dutching systems, of which there are currently four separate methods. We receive the daily target races by email, but there are also resources showing how you can drill down your own target races. There’s a lot to take on board! The football in-play alerts are sent to your mobile phone via the WhatsApp platform. So – I’m up and running, but still with plenty to learn.

Most of my dutching results are ticking over, though one doing particularly well is the in-play lay system which targets one point win per day. A first race first win yesterday for members using Auto Load with the In Play Betting BETA System. Auto Load selects the applicable races, and only places the bet in play when all selection criteria have been met. Otherwise the race is skipped and the bet is not placed. It also stops once it reaches the target profit.

This takes minutes to set up each day and can be left running unattended.

In Play Betting BETA
Using 1% Stake Per Bet
681 Bets – 56% Strike Rate
£877.98 Total Profit From £10.00 Stake Per Bet

Football has been struggling to cross the profit line, but it’s early days and there is a lot going on in the pipeline with new tools and new strategies.

I’ll leave you with an intro from the man who runs the services, Ryan Phillips:

Exponential Bet betting and trading strategies look to take an initial investment, and increase this to a larger balance over time.

With the focus on protecting the betting bank, making steady consistent gains for my clients. No get rich quick promises, just steady consistent growth which you can see represented in the results for each strategy.

Incorporating experience from the betting industry, property investing, and currency trading, I’ve developed my own profitable bet and trade strategies.

Like many people I see a virtually limitless potential for making money using the betting exchange, and wish to exploit this as much as possible.

The exponential growth is achieved via the incremental staking system for some of my systems, which is built in to staking. I’ve tried to make everything as simple as possible for my clients, and provide support and guidance when required.

Improvements do come slowly in the beginning, but gains increase rapidly over time, this is the ethos behind any successful exponential growth system.

Which means in order to see the long term benefits of running such a betting or trading system, you will need discipline, motivation to see the bigger picture, and desire to reach your own personal financial targets.

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