New Year’s Resolution:

Double your bank in 2019!

Where do I start with this? It is such a big beast, and in constant development. Five categories to subscribe to, Betfair Trading, Dutch Betting, Football Betting, Betting Bot and Horse Racing In Play Betting. Each betting and trading strategy at Exponential Bet shows a consistent upward financial trend. They mostly run set and forget, with some needing a more hands on approach, although automation is always a consideration and there is a dedicated bot being developed and shortly to be released for the Dutch Betting systems. There are detailed instruction manuals with video tutorials teaching you how to get started quickly, and subscription services send daily advice via email or sms. 

I have been following these systems for three months and in that time have made very good inroads with the In Play Betting system. Some of the other systems have taken time to get off the ground, but I have every confidence that they will. The first reason for this is the man who runs the service, Ryan, has a background in the industry, he bets all the services himself, and above all, he really cares about his clients. He goes well beyond the call of duty in dedicating time for customer service and target dates for the improvement and development of his services.

You will need a level of engagement to get involved here. It is also advisable, though not essential in most cases, to subscribe to an Application Programming Interface (API), and Fairbot is suggested, as well as The Bet Engine and Betsender, and soon to be released, a custom bot for the Dutching bets, so once you are subscribed, there may be further costs along the way, though these aren’t huge.

I have no hesitation in encouraging our subscribers to sign up for these services, you may want to begin with one, and if so, Dutch Betting is about to get a boost with a new automated system. I have found the In Play strategy very lucrative. And guess what, you need no bookie accounts for these strategies (though you can use bookies for some of them if you so wish) because they are all available on Betfair.

These are long term approaches, the clue is in the name, protecting the bank(s) is the priority. So the first few months, you won’t win huge amounts, and you won’t lose much either. Later in the year the systems will come into their own and the target is doubling the bank for each service but I know Ryan will be very keen to overdeliver. I’m in, and I heartily recommend you to jump on board too.

I’ll leave you with an intro from the man who runs the services, Ryan Phillips:

Exponential Bet betting and trading strategies look to take an initial investment, and increase this to a larger balance over time.

With the focus on protecting the betting bank, making steady consistent gains for my clients. No get rich quick promises, just steady consistent growth which you can see represented in the results for each strategy.

Incorporating experience from the betting industry, property investing, and currency trading, I’ve developed my own profitable bet and trade strategies.

Like many people I see a virtually limitless potential for making money using the betting exchange, and wish to exploit this as much as possible.

The exponential growth is achieved via the incremental staking system for some of my systems, which is built in to staking. I’ve tried to make everything as simple as possible for my clients, and provide support and guidance when required.

Improvements do come slowly in the beginning, but gains increase rapidly over time, this is the ethos behind any successful exponential growth system.

Which means in order to see the long term benefits of running such a betting or trading system, you will need discipline, motivation to see the bigger picture, and desire to reach your own personal financial targets.

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They have just released their bespoke betting bot that does all the work for you!

You can find out more about Remote Dutch Betting Bot here.