Exponential out of the woods!

I first reviewed this service on New Year’s Day last year with a glowing recommendation. As I stated then, Ryan, who is the man at the helm, is constantly looking for ways to improve the experience for punters and this entails exploring new angles, increasing profitability on existing methods, and simplification for the end user. There was a lot going on when I got involved with this, and it was hard to keep up sometimes. Ryan appears to have boundless energy and enthusiasm, and I did feel that sometimes the daily explanations of what he was doing weren’t always necessary and that he would be better off devoting that time to perfecting his tweaks on method. I said in the review that Ryan really cares about his client experience and it is refreshing in what is largely a tawdry industry to see him acknowledge the responsibility he has to his paying clients.

In the year since the review, the service has been through many challenges, and overall profitability has not lived up to expectations. The main reason for this is that Ryan wanted to move everything over to automation, meaning that all punters could get bets on (as long as they have access to Betfair) regardless of where they were and when they had access to the internet. Music to my ears. I know there are some of you who like trawling through pages and pages of stats. But I’m happiest to let the experts do their thing and automate the bets on my behalf. So Ryan’s first venture into this realm was a downloadable local bot for horse race in-play trading. This created a large number of unforeseen problems, with the bot requiring constant tweaks and Ryan’s help desk mounting. It became clear that all user experiences were different, and that he had to find a way to standardise the betting so that all users had roughly the same experience. The answer was cloud betting. Cue Nigel Dove, the doyen of bet bots.

Anyway, long story short, as Ryan was using Focus Ratings as his database, Keith Eckstein who runs Focus also got involved. There were still many hurdles to jump. For example, how would a cloud bot which delivers all subscribers’ bets at the same time, affect the Betfair markets? And in the case of dutching, it wasn’t working, and so back to the drawing board. The answer was laying the horses which weren’t to be dutched. And then Keith dropped out due to conflicting agendas, and Ryan had now settled on his vision. However, results were still not coming through as predicted. As they were new, the selections were necessarily based on back fitting. However, since then they now have three months live testing under their belts. In Ryan’s words, “we now have two very robust fully automated services running with Cloud Bet Bot, and on the 22nd March will begin adding trading content to run using Hedger Pro. That will be the top and tail of what Exponential Bet now offers its members, and it couldn’t be clearer. All the confusing content has been stripped away, and we now just provide these options.”

As a punter, you might reasonably ask why you have been a guinea pig during this transition, and I would have some sympathy with that point of view. The truth is, when you have hundreds of members whose bets you are placing every day, you’ll only ever really know whether or not it works by live testing. I don’t think Ryan would have run it if he hadn’t believed it would hit his targets. Hopefully those who stuck with it will be rewarded. Things have certainly shown steady increases in the banks of both systems since the live testing tweaks have been in place. Time will tell, of course, but as the bets are based on sound, proven ratings, I am happy enough to stick with my original recommendation for the service. And I’m looking forward to the launch of trading content for Hedger Pro later this month.

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