This is a rather useful and profitable tool from Race Advisor. Essentially it’s a web based software that allows you to track horses you may wish to follow quickly and easily using a very simple, user friendly interface. The software comes pre-loaded with ‘EyeCatchers’, which are horses that have been picked by the Race Adviser team on a weekly basis, so even if you had no horses you were personally following, you could simply log in to the software each morning and see which of the recommended horses are running that day.

So, in effect, you can use this as a tipping service by just backing any and all EyeCatchers that are running that day. Indeed, just doing that would have netted you 37 points profit and a 46% ROI since July.

But it’s even more useful if you do have horses you fancy yourself. It’s very simple indeed to find horses using the search feature, add them to your Eye Catchers list and then if any of those horses are running that day, it will tell you when and where, including any notes you may have written for it.

You are also given a free e-book on how to find horses that make profits, just for visiting the website.

There is a short video showing all the features here:

This is a very useful tool in its own right and the fact that the included Weekly EyeCatchers make a half decent ROI on their own, and for a very reasonable monthly subscription of just £12, I am happy to approve this product.

You can subscribe to EyeCatchers Pro here:Approved2