I have been looking at Factor Seven Racing, a bookie-based backing service. The service started a win only, but each-way was introduced as the trial went on. Costs are £48.00 per month or £96.00 per quarter once initial offers are consumed.

The service is simple to operate, login to get your bets and place them. I have found that bets are often late morning.

A 350 point bank is advised so you need £3,500 bank to start at £10 per point. I also recorded to BSP with 5% commission as folks can’t get bookie offers and are having their accounts limited.

All bets are 5 point bets, which irks me, because this means £50 bets on my bankroll and the bank is effectively, therefore, 70 points and not 350.

The number of selections has tailed off, and the service has been Saturday only the past two weeks; last two weeks had 8 bets in total, whereas week one had 19. That’s OK if you are winning, and sadly this isn’t. We ended down 109 points, 94 points to BSP, and the service needs a few good wins to get back on track. Sadly, with only 18 wins in 113 bets (15.8%) with average odds of 5.4 there is little hope of this happening.

At the usual £10 per point, we are down £1090, £940 to BSP, and with so few selections I will have to fail this. I’d be happy to revisit this service if the tipster gets things back together.

You can try Factor Seven Racing HERE.