The Fake Mug Bet Club is run by the founder of Secret Betting Club, Pete Ling. I’ve been a member of SBC for a few years now but you don’t have to be a member to access this service.

The published results are 100% genuine and although the single bets from this service do well, when single bets are turned into win doubles, trebles and 4-ways the results are extremely profitable. The win doubles have a very high ROI of 34.18% and they’ve averaged over 25 points profit per month, but subscribers can make themselves even more money from backing the win doubles as both singles and when there are 3 win doubles, also as trebles (Similarly as 4-ways).

This service really is ingenious, but for you to take full advantage, and I’m talking about WINNING EXTREMELY BIG – up to £4,586 in a single day – you must be comfortable placing “Fake Mug Bets”.

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Update June 1018

I’ve been following the service for the last six months and the good news is these profits have continued in 2018 with some major winners returning a total of 370.14 points profit so far this year.

At simple £10 stakes that’s £3701.40 profit for those who joined last December.

You can still take advantage of a 30 day risk-free trial to the Fake Mug Bets Club HERE