Bank £1198
6.50 Zelloof  Lay £20 @ 4.1  Bet Won +£19

Current Bank £1217

P/L +£217

I was quite lucky today as when I did my selections I could not find anything of interest at Catterick, so it being called off didn’t cause me any problems. 4 others on my shortlist today. They all lost their races and were traded in running. Had a very close call with Moonshine Beach just getting done on the line by a nose without getting traded until the very last second. The selection day was chosen at 10.30ish and was priced as above, however it had drifted out to nearly 7.0 by mid afternoon before coming right back into 4.5 close to off time. Will be aiming to find 2 full selections tomorrow but if the rain keeps on like this I’ll be lucky to find 2 meetings let alone decent lay bets.