Bank £1255
2.40 Bright Enough  Lay £20 @ 3.40  Bet Won  £19

Current Bank £1274

P/L +£274

Slim pickings again today thanks to the rain. My shortlist was quite easily narrowed down, mainly because there was only one name on it. Bright Enough would probably have been the selection even if the shortlist had been a longlist. It had plenty of the “key” factors against it and finished the race well back in sixth.

Don’t want to jinx tomorrow, but we have only had one losing bet during the trial period so far and that loser was priced at a manageable 3.8 at the time of selection. When the extra money easily gained from trading the rest of the shortlist is added to the official profit from the main slection of the day,this book could turn out be the bargain of the century at £20.