Bank £1274

4.40 Lace Your Boots  Lay £20 @ 4.0 Bet Won  +£19

Current Bank  £1293

P/L +£293

4 Others on my shortlist today. 3 Were traded in running and lost their race. The 4th (Loom) won it’s race and never went high enough to trade out. It was a bit of a risky inclusion but there were a couple of unknowns with it’s form and one of it’s rivals had potential so I felt it was worth a punt at a short price (2.06 when I looked this morning). It was clearly the best horse in the race but was untried at the course and distance and a slight doubt over the going caught my eye. The other 3 were far more solid and the only doubt in my mind was which one to make the full selection as they were all of similar level.