Bank £1293

3.45 Red Dunne Lay £20 @ 4.7 Bet Won £19
Current Bank £1312

P/L +£312

I was lucky twice over today. First, I was lucky to get on at the price as the selection drifted badly during the morning and it was at the maximum allowed price when I did my checks. Secondly I very nearly went with another horse from the shortlist. Myanmar had a few negatives against it and had the price moved out of range on Red Dunne I would have gone with Myanmar.

As it turned out Myanmar won it’s race, but could be traded at huge prices in running and had to survive a stewards enquiry (although never in serious danger of being thrown out). The third on the shortlist was a bit of an experiment. I have tended to stay away from unraced horses so far even though there is an interesting chapter in the book about how to make judgements on breeding and family history, outcomes of sales, future expectations etc, etc. I re-read that section today to make sure I was happy with my choice. I was slightly concerned that the price held steady all day but I was proved right as the horse lost and so was easily traded in running. I only mention price drift as a sort of confidence booster. If I have managed to pick holes in a favourites chances then so will other punters, so to see the price drift after selections have been made is a bit of a nerve settler.