Bank £1301

3.45 Fearless Warrior Lay £20 @ 3.4 Bet Won +£19

Current Bank £1320

P/L +£320

A strange day betting wise. A total nightmare for backers, but plenty of good chances for layers. I ended up with the longest shortlist I have had since starting the test. I had 7 horses that I could pick holes in. The problem was that there were so many unraced and inexperienced horses that it was a real test to find sturdy rivals. I took longer to do my checks than normal as I wanted to be as sure as possible that I was on the right lines. As with yesterday I left the shorter priced horses until nearer off time to take note of any price changes. The horses that were near the upper limit of my price range I layed straight away. I now had 1 full selection and 6 on the shortlist to try to trade if the price behaved itself. I knocked one horse off the list due to a non runner that I thought was a decent rival. I wish I had not done that as the horse I had targeted (Kingship Spirit) was turned over despite having an s.p. of 2/5 by an outsider. I still think that was the right policy as it was the main threat to the favourite that was the no show. The rest of the shortlist were all traded in running. One won it’s race (Marching Time) but it traded easily high enough to trade out for a profit. At the level I have used during this test a profit of £70 was made today by laying under 4.7 and trading out on the otherwise discarded shortlist. £20 from the full selection and £50 from lay and back trading on the others. The book only costs £20. Pretty decent value!