Bank  £1339

3.50 Grand Annee Lay £20 @ 3.3 Bet Won +£19

4.55 Cat Junior  Lay £20 @ 4.7 Bet Won +£19


TOTAL PROFIT +£377 (Based on £20 level stake per bet. Figures quoted net of 5%comm)

I’m glad I carried on today after yesterday’s no bet. 5 horses on the shortlist today. When I did my checks this morning I had Amicus Meus as a selection instead of Grand Annee, but due to a non runner I changed the selection but kept Amicus on the shortlist. This was because there were still 2 horses I fancied to give Amicus trouble but it was now a weaker choice than Grand Annee. The rest of the shortlist was traded in running as usual and they all lost their races. I will collate my figures and write up an end of test report over the next day or so. I have never used my own money on a system test before, I stick to paper trading only, but I must admit that after the first week or so of this test and my idea about in running trading of the shortlist I have been going live with this one.