With today being a Saturday it took quite a while to go through all the steps required with this system. I took the author’s advice and stuck to three meetings only. It is quite easy to decide which meetings to target as you are provided with stats for every course in the U.K., so you find the most suitable type of races on the card and try to find selections there first before moving on to the next most suitable if need be.

I still ended up with a shortlist of 6 possible horses. By the time I was finished that was down to 3 as the others moved outside the required odds. I stuck to Goodwood and was glad I did because 3 others on my shortlist won their races. The point of the e-book is to help you find the most likely favourites to have problems and today it did work.

4.20 Viscountess  £20 lay @ 3.8  Lost   +£19

5.30 Silk Hall        £20 lay @ 3.6  Lost   +£19

Current Bank  £1057

P/L  £57