Bank £1057.00

3.45 Squirtle 4.5 (mid-morn price)  Lost  +£19

Current Bank    £1076

Profit  +£76

After going through the stages of the ebook I had a shortlist of 7 forecast favourites that I considered to be vulnerable. As instructed in the book I decided on my sole bet. Squirtle had the most question marks hanging over it and was starting to drift in the market quite early (10am ish) so I placed my lay bet. Glad I did it early as Squirtle continued to drift all day and was trading at 9.4 on betfair a few minutes before the off.
With the other horses on my shortlist still looking vulnerable, I decided to monitor them and see if anything would show up. What I have found is that over the last 3 days a decent profit could have been made from trading these discarded selections. Laying for £20 just before the off and backing £10 in running for double the odds. Obviously price comes into consideration. No point taking stupid risks. Yesterday and today gave 100% matches on these bets netting £10 a time, Saturday had 1 fail to match and went on to win @4.6. This is just something else to keep an eye on with this way of betting and is not endorsed or advised in the book. It does however advise laying early in the day or even the night before and trading out if possible before the off.

As stated above, these are just my thoughts and nothing to do with the ebook. But if paper trading for a month can throw up a few ideas to wring an extra few quid out of betfair, it’d daft not to try. Can’t cost anything and might be a winner long term.