Bank  £1076

2.45 Ripon.  Needwood Lad @ 3.15  Lost +£19

Current Bank  £1095

P/L  +£95

Very quiet days racing. Only 2 horses made my shortlist, and neither of them had too many negatives against them. I was close to having a no bet day but took a bit of a risk with the selection because what few negatives that were against him were “key” negatives, and money was coming in for one of his main rivals.

The other horse to make the shortlist was Rose Street in the 3.15. As with yesterday I paper traded a lay and back bet with this one. The horse was 2.2 to lay just before the off, so I would have had £20 lay then put up a 4.5 back bet in running for £10. It would easily have been matched as the horse traded as high as 8.8 in running. The horse won the race with a late surge, but £10 profit was secured win or lose. May have something here. Certainly worth keeping track of.