Bank  £1095

2.40 Ayr Bosamcliff . £20 lay @3.4   Won  -£48.00

Current Bank  £1047

P/L  =£47

Another quite tough day for selections. Most favourites that I could pick holes in using the rules of the book were above the max odds rule. I had 2 others on my shortlist. They both won their races aswell. Let It Be only had a few negatives against it and was never going to be the selection, but it could easily have been traded in running for a profit. Benhego had a few more negatives but too few to make it a selection. It never went high enough in running to trade out for profit. That’s only the second horse to do that since I started monitoring this option. I should point out that Bosamcliff (the selected horse) did go high enough in running to trade out, but as it was a full selection I wouldn’t have considered trying to back it.