Bank  £1084

2.25 Karashar  Lay £20 @ 4.2 Lost  +£19

3.35 Roby De Cimbre  Lay £20 @ 3.5 Lost  +£19

Current Bank £1122

P/L  +£122

It took over 90mins to come up with my selections today. Most days it takes around 45 mins to an hour. The extra time was spent double checking myself because I just couldn’t find many selections worthy of shortlisting. Most favourites that looked iffy were out of the price range, and the ones in range looked fairly solid. The 2 selected horses were the only ones I shortlisted and I went over the roby de cimbre selection 3 or 4 times as it seemed a very popular win bet with the “experts”. It looked way too short in price when compared against the rules and methods of the ebook. So I went with it and watched the race from behind the sofa with one eye closed. I was suprised to see the horse that I had identified as a major danger to the fav go on to win, again at 10/1. The other selection today was a far more comfortable choice, the only slight niggle was that the price held up strongly all day. Must learn not to doubt the facts given in this remarkable book. I nearly talked myself out of laying roby de cimbre, but the clues were there in the racing post.