I’m sure you all remember the glowing praise I gave False Favourites when I tested it out a few months ago. Not to mention the very decent level of profit I recorded during the trial. It was easily the best publication I had come across, until now.
I have had an e-mail from Jonathan Burgess (the author) informing me that he has just released an updated and improved version of his system for 2009.

I have had the e-book for around a week and have read it through thoroughly and can honestly, hand on heart, say that it IS better than the previous version. It is very similar in some aspects in that it remains more of a text book on horse racing than a mechanical system for picking horses to lay. That being said, there are some very significant changes that make the whole thing far easier to follow and apply to your betting practises than last year’s edition.

The main benefit I found over the last version was that it will help cut down the time taken to work through the race-cards to find selections to lay. That was the only real drawback I ever found with the original book. On top of this there is also an incredibly well thought out and written guide to the “new and improved” (sic) racing post website.

The nuts and bolts of the book remain pretty much the same, but it is even easier and clearer to follow and understand. It is set out slightly more akin to a traditional system than the old version, but you will still need to use your brain and judgement to apply what you learn to each days betting. You are guided through the exact differences between the types of races and how laying in national hunt races differs from laying in flat races. You are also told which type to target and which to avoid. Another benefit of the new version is that the examples given are even clearer than before.
There is also some great advice on when to place bets to obtain the best value and incur the least risk. It also allows you to find more than one horse a day that is worth taking on with a lay bet.

All in all, this is like being walked through the whole process of finding a regular source of income through precise, considered and detailed evaluation of a horse’s true chance of winning the race and whether it represents a good laying opportunity.
As with the previous version, I would deem this book to be required reading for anyone interested in horse racing. Even if you prefer backing or trading to laying you will find this book to be a real eye-opener.

I would also suggest that anyone who bought a copy of the last version should give serious thought to buying the new one. There is plenty of new information as well as the time saving techniques and the price has remained ridiculously low when compared to other racing products. Plus there is the guide to the racing post website and all the updated data and examples to help you along.
I’m pretty sure that anybody who bought a copy of the old version will have been more than pleased with that book’s contents and value for money, and I can assure you that this version is just as good.

Just Buy It! You won’t be sorry.

You can get False Favourites here