My name is Liam and I’ve spent the last week or so engrossed in the False Favourites e-book by Jonathan Burgess, who appears on the betfair accredited trainers list.
Let me start by saying that I don’t really think that this is a racing system. It is billed as a system on the web site and refers to itself throughout the book as such, I think it is more than that. To my mind a system would consist of a set of instructions and rules that when followed correctly would lead all readers to the same selection. With False Favourites you do have rules to follow but you also have to use your own judgement and opinion on selections.
Many people reading that statement would be put off and start thinking “Why should I spend money on a book and still have to pick out the selections myself?”
Well first off, we are not dealing with the normal type of e-book here. What you get is over two hundred pages of information, stats, facts, figures, examples and exercises. Secondly, as stated above I do not consider this a system, It is a comprehensive course on how horse racing works.
I was under the impression that I knew a fair bit about the game and would have sworn I knew how to read and understand the Racing Post. This book is a real eye-opener. Other than the usual “how to lay a horse on betfair” fluff, that we have all read dozens of times, every section is a must read.
The aim of the “system” is to find a single low priced favourite to lay every weekday and two favourites on a Saturday. You are advised to have Sunday off. Liability is kept low with a maximum price of 4.7 ( 7/2ish in old money ).
The book gives you advice on the type of race to target and the type to avoid, how to spot a vulnerable favourite, how to spot horses capable of giving the favourite problems and when to place bets for maximum benefit.
I will of course record results on the blog in accordance with the rules and aims of the book, but I can tell you now that whilst I have been reading through the book and trying to put it into practice the ideas and advice given I have found a good number of decent back bet prospects and a few really good price each way bets. It’s not the aim of the course to find these, but it is very good side effect. You go through the steps to find the dodgy favourite and as a consequence spot horses that simply must have a decent chance of going close. These are my thoughts only and not endorsed or even mentioned in the book. I just hope I get the lays right for this blog, because I would hate to put anyone off buying this brilliant book.
I would strongly advise everyone to buy this book. Even before I’ve placed a single bet, let alone tried it out for a month.
The cost is a ridiculously low £20. That equates to less than 10p a page. When you consider the rubbish systems that we have all bought at 3-4 times that amount, this is a bargain.
I would consider this book required reading for anyone who wants to bet on horses. Layers, backers and traders will all find something of enormous value. This £20 will save you hundreds in lost bets.