First race of the day again to find my bet. Another 30 seconds profitable hard work!!   

I was thinking to myself that the strike rate isnt fantastic (but not bad either) but because of the low odds we are still in very good profit. It just goes to show when you see laying tipsters advertising their strike rate it is really irrelevant coz it depends on what odds they are getting. I just thought I’d mention this to help anyone looking at laying tipsters. One win could wipe out the profit if laying at high odds.   

Yesterdays Results including Odds & Amount Bet:-   

2.00 FOL Lady Deauville 2.16 £6.62 L    

Original starting bank: £150 

Profit for the months test: £44.93 

Percentage profit for the months test: 29.795% 

No. of bets not including non-runners: 17 

No. of winning bets (losing horses): 13 

Strike rate percentage: 76.47%