I had a bit of a late start yesterday so I did the selection process much earlier than normal. You may think that sounds weird but it’s because I usually do it after I get back from the gym, about 9:00ish, but because I was late I did it before I left otherwise I would be doing the selection process way after the time your supposed to do it. In the manual you are supposed to look for your bet before 9:00am. Ive quite often done it after this as I find if looking between 6:00 – 7:00 there is not enough money in the market. However, it doesnt look like it makes much different from a profit point of view but I do know I quite often have a different selection to someone else using this system. 

Yesterdays selection was a fillies only race and again a profit was made. Only two days to go to the end of the test. 

Yesterdays Results including Odds & Amount Bet:- 

2.20 LEI  Burn The Breeze 3.4 £8.26 L

Original starting bank: £150 

Profit for the months test: £93.08 

Percentage profit for the months test: 62.06% 

No. of bets not including non-runners: 26 

No. of winning bets (losing horses): 21 

Strike rate percentage: 80.77%