Overall Review

Well I pleased to say I writing something positive for a laying system. In fact it’s actually a first.

After testing many laying system here on the Cash Master Blog I was at the point of giving up with laying horses but I knew there had to be at least one good system out there or nobody would be doing it.

The Fancy Fillies system is defiantly one system I’ll be adding to my already quite large portfolio of betting systems. 73.04% profit in a month! I’d have to be mad not to. Sure, I don’t expect to make that much profit every month and maybe I had a good month (lucky me) but if it made 20% return on the bank averagely a month I’d be extremely happy with that.

This system is ideal for people who cant bet during the day or simply cant be bothered to be at the computer 5 minutes before the off to check the prices, non-runner, etc like soooooooooo many laying systems. It’s just one bet a day which is done first thing in the morning before 9:30am (although a few days ago in the blog I said the instructions say it has to be done before 9:00am. Opps!) or apparently even the night before. If youve been reading my blog some days it takes less than a minute to find your selection and at worst 10 minutes.

It has had a good strike rate for the months test and the lowest it went to was 73.33%. However, with the low liability this strike rate would still give a healthy profit. I actually finished up on a strike rate of 82.14%, which I very pleased with.

The stacking plan, and you get a staking plan calculator with the system, is a little weird i.e. it doesnt quite recoup loses. I gonna tweak this slightly. I’ll still use the calculator but after almost recouping a lose I’ll revert back to my original stake before the lose as opposed to recalculating my stake to a 30th of the bank.

I have to admit there does seem to be quite a bit of luck involved with this system. There isnt much of a strategy i.e. no looking at form whatsoever. And, depending on what time you look, due to movements in the market, you wont get the same selections as someone else using the system. Ive noticed I get different bets to someone I know using the system and different to the creators of the system (you can look at their results via a link with the manual). However, if it works so be it!

So all in all I can say thumbs up to this system. Well worth adding to your portfolio. A definite buy!

Happy racing everyone!

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