Yesterday I didnt think there was gonna be a qualifying bet at one point until eventually I go to the 6:45 at Tramore. There was very little money in the market, in fact there was none on the laying side of the colounms so nobody had backed yet. Therefore, I used the backing coloumn figures to work out my selection, which was Nora Chrissie. As there was no price in the market I put my price in two points above the current back, which was 2.4. I thought, at 2.6, this would encourge someone to back it at a slightly higher price thinking they were getting a good deal. Unfortunately it didnt get matched. Bummer really as the horse lost so it was the right choice. I’ll add this horse to the strike rate percentage though it’s just I obviously made an error with the pricing.   

Yesterdays Results including Odds & Amount Bet:-   

 6.45 TRA Nora Chrissie 2.6 £10.34 LOST (unmatched)  

Profit for the months test: -£5.87 

Percentage profit for the months test: -3.92 

No. of bets not including non-runners: 3 

No. of winning bets (losing horses): 2 

Strike rate percentage: 66.67%