Yes! Another winning bet (losing horse)!!   

I get an email Mon to Fri from Malcolm of UK Horse Racing Systems. This is where I heard of this system. Interestingly, yesterday he said his selection for Fancy Fillies the day before (Monday) was a losing bet (his horse won) although my selection lost. So although we are using the same rules we came out with different bets. I guess it depends on what time you look at Betfair and how much movement there has been in the market wether a horse qualifies for the system or not.   

Yesterdays Results including Odds & Amount Bet:-   

4.15 TRA Kilfarasy 3 £5.13 L   

Profit for the months test: £8.82 

Percentage profit for the months test: 5.88 

No. of bets not including non-runners: 6 

No. of winning bets (losing horses): 5 

Strike rate percentage: 83.33%