We had a winner yesterday. I suppose it was expected with such low odds. It’s almost the minimum allowed for this system, which is 1.5. At least the liability isnt too bad so hopefully we will make this back very quickly.  

Todays stake doubles to £11.16 so if it loses it will be profit for the day and still make up a little profit from yesterdays loss. I placed my bet a little earlier today, about 7:30am. Fingers crossed.   

Yesterdays Results including Odds & Amount Bet:-   

3.10 YOR Peeping Fawn 1.58 £5.58 W 

Profit for the months test: £5.84 

Percentage profit for the months test: 3.90 

No. of bets not including non-runners: 7 

No. of winning bets (losing horses): 5 

Strike rate percentage: 71.43%