Well, you people are in for a treat! Three blogs from me in one day!!   🙂
Today I started testing another laying system. Oh no, not another one you are saying. And also, I thought you didnt like laying André? Your right, I don’t generally. I like the concept though and I determined to find a really good system.
Ive heard good things about Fancy Fillies from a couple of reliable sources. It’s quite different to any other lay system Ive tried and using a website Ive never used before www.gg.com. What I like about it you only place one bet per day on the first qualifying race/horse and this is done first thing in the morning. No checking the races during the day, which is ideal if you are working full time or have other commitments. Therefore I will be running this test 7 days a week for 30 days.
The system comes with a staking plan calculator, which seems a little odd to me coz it’s kind of a part recovery system. What I mean by this is if you had a couple of winners in a row you would not make all your money back but I guess there is a reason for that as it keeps liability down and I guess the designers of the system have full confidence in it that the strike rate will be quite good to make up for the occasional (I hope) loss.
I was gonna paper trade with this system but this morning I wasnt concentrating and placed real money. Opps! May as well continue with real cash. I only starting with a bank £150 anyway and I looking to make a 30th of the bank in profit on each selection. So today I’m hoping to make £5.00. As the bank grows, so will the profit per race. There are no massive odds selections, the price range must be between 1.5 & 3.5, so the liability is not too scary like the last system I tested, which went up to odds of 10.0.
As usual I’ll post the results the next day. Fingers crossed that this is the laying system Ive been searching for.