This is not so much a review as a suggestion that you sign up for this service.

Any regular reader will know that I can be hard to please and always try to give as much advice about the type of person a product would suit as possible, so it’s unusual for me to make that sort of statement.

The reason I suggest you sign up is that this service is very different from usual products. It’s free to sign-up until the end of October and has been set up by Matt Hodder in memory of his mother Anne and it’s main purpose is to raise some much needed money for a very worthy cause, Macmillan Cancer Support.

You donate the money yourself via the justgiving website, so there’s no middle-man to worry about. If you wish to stay a member after the end of the free period, then you donate money to the charity and you will receive your selections until the end of the year. The suggested donation is only £5 but I would imagine that most people will think like me and base their donation on how much they’ve made from the selections. That is purely my thought and is not mentioned on the site, I’d also say don’t forget about the giftaid box if you are a U.K. tax-payer.

The bets are all on the Under/Over 2.5 Goal markets. As we’ve been in the International period there has only been 1 bet so far, which lost but was at an odds against price and only just failed. But I don’t want to sit on this waiting for the leagues to start up again and waste your free selections period. So you can proof it for yourselves.

I have received an email most days since signing up that covered a few different betting ideas, absolutely NOT sales pages, just ideas on different types of bets you can place on different markets etc and are just Word documents like “The Bet The Bookies Hate” etc.

I’ve been a member for around a week and have not received any spam at all. I know this as I am in the habit of using different email address for different systems and methods and I can state 100% that the only emails received were from Matt and they were not sales related in any way.

So there you have it really. Sign up free until the end of November, then you can choose to subscribe by donating a minimum of £5 to a very worthy charity.
I’m going to suggest Graham file this under Approved as I can’t see any problem with just signing up and paper trading for a couple of weeks.

You can sign up here:

Just wanted to give a quick update on this service.

I didn’t place the bets at the weekend but did take note of them and Saturday he got 5 out of 6 right, Sunday was 4 out of 6.

My plan would be to allow for 1 wrong and bet in multiples, so Saturday and Sunday I would have done 6 five folds and a Acca.

Saturday would have made a partial profit and Sunday a total loss.

Today there were 5 selections advised and as I had some promotional free bets hanging around on an account I decided to have a pop. All 5 won.

I did 5 x £5 fourfolds and a £5 acca so total stake of £30, profit was just shy of £370

Remember, this is free to sign up to until the end of the month and then the tiny subscription fee (if you join) is donated to charity. I still have not received any spam either.


Just wanted to let you all know that you can still sign up free until the end of November for this very worthy service.

Matt sent an email last week saying that after suggestions from members he has been back over the results and that backing the selections in a treble of Overs and a treble of Unders as well as the accumulator would give far more profit. In fact it raised the profit from 89 points to 120 for this season. Those figures were for before last weekends bets, when we had a losing bet on Friday (only 3 selections), then 4 out of 6 Saturday and a Full House of 6 out of 6 Sunday.

Matt also sent out very helpful emails during both Saturday’s and Sunday’s bets with advice on how to lock in profit if one of the later games let us down. All-in-All a profits of between 20-25 points were made over the weekend if following the advice, it would depend on if you hedged out as Matt suggested or let it roll.

I did originally say in my first entry about this service that it wasn’t so much a trial as a recommendation that you sign up, but having been a member for getting on for a month now it’s fair to say this would have breezed an Approved rating anyway due to the profit made and the excellent advice given. Still not experiencing any spam emails, so I’m very pleased I signed up and the fact that it’s raising much needed money for charity is a great bonus too and the sole reason I’ve been pushing this service is that the more people that sign up the more money will go to a wonderful cause.

You can join Fannetastic Football here: