I have been looking Fantastic Eights, a service from the Betfan stable costing £44 per month or £88 per quarter.

The bets are win only and are expected late morning so you’ll probably need to Betfan Tip Centre so that you can react as soon as the tips are published. I found that the selections could come after the start of racing for the day, and at different times of the day, so being alerted that the selections have been published is vital.

As per normal with services like this, getting the advised prices is a challenge, so I also recorded using BSP. I did not take BOG as BOG is one of the offers Bookies love to limit.

A 300-point bank is recommended. However, bets are to 5 points each, so really, we have a 60-point bank, i.e. 60 consecutive loses will wipe the bank.

The trial ended 353 points up using bookie prices, but only 11 points up to BSP. It is vital that you do get as close to the advised price as possible and be aware that Bookmaker accounts are quickly limited. Betfair may be an option if you can get a price close to the advised price, but I did not monitor this; realistically Betfair is not an option for this service.

Using a £3,000 virtual bank, 300 points is £10 per point, each bet is £50 but we ended £3,530 in profit. A £600 bank, so that we are using £2 per point but making £10 bets would be £705; still a handsome profit even after subscriptions.

For illustration, I also used cumulative stakes, where the stake for each day was calculated from the bank at the start of each day. Ratchet stakes were used, where the stakes are not reduced even during a losing run. £3,000 ended £5,787 UP (final bank £8,787) and £600 starting bank up £1,157 (final bank £1,757).

The following graph shows the impressive profit curve.

Noting the caveats mentioned above, I approve this very nice service.

You can get Fantastic 8’s HERE.