I am going to look at Fantastic Eights, another service from the Betfan stable costing £44 per month or £88 per quarter.

I like the look of this service as it seems a good steady earner, from the Betfan site:

The bets are win only, but are expected late morning, you’ll probably need to Betfan Tip Centre so you can react as soon as the tips are published. As per normal with services like this, getting the advised prices is going to be a challenge, so I will record using BSP too. If BOG is available, I won’t change the advised price as BOG is one of the offers Bookies love to limit.

A 300-point bank is recommended, which suggests a £3,000 bank to run at the usual £10 per point. However, at first glance, bets seem to be 5 points each, so really, we have a 60-point bank, i.e. 60 consecutive loses will wipe the bank; not expecting this, but it does mean we start at £50 per bet which would be a bit rich for some folks. I will stick with £10 per point but will revisit this point in the final write up.

I will track the cumulative bank too from the starting £3,000 to both advised odds and BSP.

Try it HERE