I have a very limited, one time, short term opportunity available for you today from the chaps over at Blockchain Sports.

In case you missed my previous communications on Limitless/Blockchain Sports, they are at present in the business of disrupting and tokenizing the global football industry with some quite serious potential upside for early adopters.

However, right now they have just completed an event in Japan where they revealed to the Japanese members a special one off opportunity for a spectacular short term gain in the next 3-6 months.

Since the Japanese team make up the largest proportion of Limitless investors, they decided to offer it to them first and not advertise this on the normal channels, as it’s likely the Japanese teams could well raise the entire funding required for this project!

Fortunately we had a guy from our team at the Tokyo event and he gave me the heads up about this, so if this is of interest to you then you should really have a look now just in case this does sell out really quickly.

Below is a video that covers what the opportunity is, but essentially it’s developing VR technology for MotorSport GP with buyers already in place ready to purchase once the development is complete, which should take around 2 months.

This is an opportunity to get a return of around 5 times on your outlay in about 3-6 months as well as earn an ongoing passive income.

The goal is to raise $50M asap.

Buyers are ready in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere with higher funds ready to buy as soon as a working prototype is built.

This is one of those rare opportunities to make a quick return plus ongoing residual passive income with something that’s very real.

There are 3 MotoGP packs available:


Here is the recording of the Zoom for MotoGP from today:

If you are a previous member of Daisy/Endotech then you will already have an account at Limitless, you simply login using your TronLink wallet here:


Once logged in, go to Purchase and you’ll see the packs available there.

If you’re already participating in Limitless, then simply login to see the three packs available on the purchase page.

And if you’re not a member at all, but would like to get involved, go to the page below which explains Blockchain Sports and shows you how to participate:

Blockchain Sports