Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my opening post for this trial the Forex markets operate 24/7 and therefore it is possible that this system could generate opening and closing signals at ANY time of day (or night!) I discussed this with Graham, and we agreed that it would be good to report ALL trades generated by the system as this will give a better indication of the overall performance of the system. However, I will also highlight those trades that open up in conventional UK working hours so that readers can get a feel for how practical the system is to operate. From now on I will give an approximate time for all opening and closing transactions rounded to the nearest hour so that everyone can judge whether or not the trade could have been taken or not .

Latest results:

Trade 3

BUY @ 19747.6 (6/5/08 2am)

SELL @ 19721.8 (6/5/08 5am)

Pips profit = -25.8 (-£25.80)

Current bank: £1231.10

Winning trades: 2

Losing trades: 1

Strike rate: 66%