The end of the trial is approaching, so Sod’s Law has come out to play…

RESULTS: Fri 19 October

All results to BSP

14.05   Fake    Full Ov Beans £10 @ 3.74 = -£27.40  LOSS

14.10   Chelt   The New One £10 @ 2.01 = -£10.10  LOSS


Daily P/L: -£37.50

Current P/L: £115.10

Current bank: £615.10


Summary P/L for bets placed by bot at five seconds to the off:

… On the other hand, in the live market my bot layed Full Ov Beans at 3.50, but the bet did not match and as I am using my own money I wasn’t too disappointed.  Also, here I am recording actual results, not what “should” have happened

Daily P/L: -£10.20

Current bank: £620.40