I trialled this service for six weeks, from 9 September to 20 October.  In order to get a fair picture, I usually prefer to run a trial for longer than six weeks, especially if the service/system is volatile.  However, for reasons given below, I decided to run this for just six weeks.

During the trial the service made £120.40 profit at BSP using a £500 bank, or a fraction over that placing bets in the live market just a few seconds before the off.  For the purposes of the trial I used a £500 bank, giving £10 per point using level stakes and a 50 point bank.  Given that at £10 per point the maximum liability is a fraction under £30, I regard these stakes as modest.  Even at these modest stakes, after the equally modest £27 monthly subscription the service is comfortably in profit; before subs the profit was just short of 25%, something that would make a City fund manager blanche if he/ she had to compete.

The reason I decided to stop the trial after just six weeks is that this service has been so consistent it has been boring.  It is only marginally more exciting than watching grass grow, but unlike watching grass grow (not something that I’m particularly expert on) it is very satisfying to watch the bank gradually accumulate.

Just to recap on a few of the basics: selections are sent out by email before the start of racing, but well after 9.00 am.  An attempt was made to send these out early, but was quickly stopped as (my understanding) it was negatively affecting the quality of selections.  Emails to Favourite Lays were answered very promptly and I was impressed with the integrity of the guys who provide the service and the tips.

To sum up:  My experience to date is that this is an excellent service, one of the best that I have trialled.  I have already added it to my portfolio and early in the trial I switched from paper trading to placing live bets.

While it doesn’t alliterate as well as “filed firmly under Failed”, I heartily recommend that Favourite Lays is added to Approved.

You can join Favourite Lays here: