Over the next month or more, I shall be trialling the Favourite Lays service.  As the name suggests this is lay betting targeting favourites.  The service stipulates that all selections should be below 4.00.

Selections are sent by email before 2pm each day, but this does mean it is not suitable suitable for 9-5ers.

The site is very simply set out with just three pages; Home, Results and FAQ.  I found the layout to be  simple and unintrusive, for me this a refreshing change and I was quite impressed.  The results page carries detailed spreadsheets from November 2011 to date.  Results are recorded to industry standard level stakes of £100 per selection, implying a £5000 bank, based on a 50 point bank as suggested in the FAQs.  However, I will be using a £500 bank and £10 level stakes.

Subscriptions are reasonable at £19 per month, with a cheaper six month option and a one year subscriptions works out at a fraction over £13 per month.

In common with the site, I will be recording results at BSP as this provides consistency.  However, as in previous reviews, real world commitments mean that I will not be posting results every day.  I will post as frequently as  possible and results will be posted for all advised selections.  I intend also to set up a bot to place (very) small bets just before the off and I will record a summary of P/L for comparison.