The manual states that Saturdays are not a good time to use this system as there are too many potential selections and too little time.  However, rather than ignore Saturdays and be limited to using the system just three days a week (until the bot arrives) I chose to ignore one meeting.  This gave me sufficient time between races to calculate new stakes etc.  Calculating the stakes is a doddle, however, as the system comes with an Excel spreadsheet that does all the hard work.

I managed to miss one race from my selection criteria (accident, not design).  The first two selections lost, but the favourite won the third race I’d selected.  This was a bit annoying as my selection was no longer the favourite by the off!!  Despite these mishaps, all was done and dusted by the next race and the bank came under no real pressure.  Largest stake was just under £8.00 and the maximum the bank was down was around £11.50.

Starting bank:               £2000
Daily target:                  £10
P/L:                              £10
Current bank:               £2010