First of all, thanks to Graham for pointing out that the dedicated bot for this system is now available.  It looks like I’ve been running on manual for a few days when the hard work could have been done for me.  This also means that, all things being equal, I will be able to use the system six days a week – I’ll avoid most Saturdays because of too many afternoon meetings. 

The bot seems very straightforward, easy to use and “does what it says on the tin”.  Although straightforward there were a couple of things I wasn’t too sure of and in familiarising myself with them I missed the start of today’s sequence. The next two races went off with the favourites at very short odds and by that time I received a message from the bot that the liability was too high, so no bets today.

Before making serious use of the bot, there is one thing I want to check out: if the target for the day is £10 net and the first bet in the sequence is at odds of (say) 8.00 – and that could easily have happened today – the first stake would be about £1.50.  As this is below Betfair’s minimum, how does the bot deal with this?  (Since first making this post, I’ve read through the manual and this is answered towards the end.)

Apart from today, since my last post on Wednesday only one day qualified for the system and the favourite won the fourth race of the sequence. 

RESULTS – for Thursday 24-07-08 to Sunday 27-07-08

Starting bank:                £2000
Daily target:                   £10
P/L:                               £210
Current bank:                 £2210