Recap and Final Thoughts

For a variety of reasons (weather resulting in too few races, liability being too high and personal reasons) the last week or so has been very quiet from the point of view of me testing the system.  During this period I have reflected on the system and I’ve decided it is now time to put the test to bed.

The main test was started on the 24th May and ran for six weeks, I then ran it in the background until about twelve days ago, reporting the results around once per week.  Over the last twelve days I have used the dedicated bot, but I’ve not recorded the results as part of the test: suffice to say, there were no unpleasant surprises.  Since 24 May, the system has maintained a 100% strike rate and on only a very few occasions has the bank been put under any strain: from memory there was one occasion when the favourite didn’t win until the eighth race of the sequence.  Generally, however, the favourite has won early in the sequence and the day’s outcome has been achieved without any fuss.

Since I have been running the system in the background I have had access to the dedicated bot.  This is very simple and straightforward to use, takes about a minute or two to set up each day and just chugs away in the background.  That, very annoying, ten year old who seems to know everything about everything would have no problem operating it and at £35 per month I regard this bot as very good value for money.  The bot can transform the system from something that is only used when the opportunity, and inclination, arises to sit in front of the PC with the intention of remaining there as long as necessary, to a set-it-and-forget-it system. 

Using the bot I have not had quite as many selections as I had hoped for, but instead of just using the default setting, I took a closer look at the options and decided that my settings were too cautious.  Changing these should ensure that I do not get “liability too high” as often as I had.  However, using the system manually, it is impossible to monitor all races and simultaneously do the mental math and so a sequence can be started where the liability has become too high.  Using the bot this should not happen, if the liaibility is too high the bot will ensure that the day’s sequence simply does not start.

To bring this test to a final close: this system is very easy to use, takes little time to set up for the day… and even less time when using the bot.  I have found the system reliable and it does what it says on the tin. 

The author makes no pretense of this being a get rich quick system, and it isn’t.  He even states that it should be used as part of a portfolio of systems, rather than stand alone.  However, as previously stated, the system is reliable, it has a sensible stop loss strategy – three in fact, depending on which one is chosen – and it should steadily build profits.  I have found, also, that the author exists and (without intending to be facetious) this is a confidence builder.  He is also very pleasant to deal with and very helpful. 

There is not much I can add that hasn’t already appeared in the end of (full) test review and I continue to give this system a firm thumbs up. 

You can get the Favourites Phenomenon System here: