This service launched exactly one year ago and Kieran is now offering spaces for this year at the same price as last year. Here is what he said:

“The Festival Value Service has now completed it’s first year as a live service and I’d like to thank all members for taking the plunge a year ago!

The time has come for renewal for another year and, of course, I’m hoping you will all rejoin! If you do wish to, you can rejoin at the page below.

I’m VERY proud of how we’ve performed over the last year and I hope you are happy with the profits achieved. Overall figures since launch prior to The Hennessey Festival last year stand at:

Bets: 319
Wins: 48
Win Strike Rate: 15.04%
P/L: +113.61 points
Profit on Turnover: 35.61%

Very satisfying! Betting £50 a point would have returned a profit on the year of £5680.50 and with these selections running at the very biggest meetings, it’s very easy to get much larger bets on than that if you wish!

It’s also worth remembering that those profits have been produced from 10 minutes “work” on just 3 or 4 days each month. I may be biased but I think we offer the best Festival Service on the market (and the cheapest)!

I’m currently only offering spaces to existing members and, as a big thank you, I’ve frozen prices at the same level as last year. This will probably not be the case when I open up to new members later in the year.

I’ll keep this offer open until The Hennessy Festival next week before opening the service up to new members if there are any spaces left.

Whatever you decide, thanks for being a part of such a successful 1st year and for taking the time to read this!

All the best


PS I’m also offering a monthly payment option this year to make membership even more affordable!”

If you wish to join the Festival Value Service this year you can do so now here: