If you’ve been following the unfolding story of The Festival Value Service over the last week you’re not alone.

More than 10,000 people have been watching the videos and reading the free reports that Kieran has put together in the lead up to doors opening today.

The Festival Value Service focuses on just the biggest, most competitive horse racing meetings of the year and it’s performance has been outstanding over the last couple of years.

All selections have been fully proofed since July 2011 and performance currently stands at + 165.10 points from just 497 bets.

That equates to £3302 for £20 level stakes!

When you see the price Kieran is selling this for, I think you’ll be amazed and will realise just how quickly this is going to sell out.

Based on Kieran’s track record when launching his previous services, I’d be surprised if this is still available after the weekend.

I’ve already grabbed my own space!Approved2

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