Festival Winners Circle is a horse betting service created by Mathew O’Malley and hosted by Best Systems Bets. Mathew’s approach is quite novel in that he bets on every race at major festivals. The service has been around for four years and has attracted a small but loyal following. 

I joined a free trial just before the Cheltenham Festival and since then Mathew has made 93 points over 10 festivals, making a profit in 8 of them. It goes without saying that I am delighted with the results. I asked Mathew if he was interested in a service trial and he jumped at the chance.

Therefore, I will put Festival Winners Circle to the test over the next three months to see if Mathew can keep up the good work and build on the points already accumulated. The next festivals are at Epsom (2 days) on 31 May and Ascot on 18 June, so I will report back after each one.

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