Orig Plan

Bank £2200

Daily Profit £123.20

Current Bank £2323.20

Extra Plan

Bank £3200

Daily Profit £123.20

Current Bank £3323.20

Things went very well indeed today as I had calculated my bet at 3/1 only to see the favourite returned the winner at 100/30 so an extra £23.20 was added to the pot. Whilst it is far too early to draw any serious conclusions on this system I have the feeling that if I were using this with my own live cash I would be far happier aiming for a lower target with starting banks of this size. Stakes can mount quickly and even with the recovery based extra plan a couple of losing days close together could have you in trouble. These are only initial feelings and I hope to be proved wrong in my slight reservation about this way of betting. One thing is for sure though, if this system turns a consistant profit at this time of year with these types of weather conditions then it is likely to be a good earner when the summer comes around.