Orig Plan

Bank £1555.34

Daily Profit +£47.36

Running Bank £1602.71

Extra Plan

Bank £2555.34

Daily Profit +£90.46

Running Bank £2645.80

A strange day today. Things were looking very bleak as the stakes mounted quickly because yet again joint favourites were both beaten in a qualifying race. But at least we did hit a winner before the stop loss kicked in. The shortfall in daily target is due to the fact that the favourite was priced at 11/10 a few minutes before the race so I calculated my stake as per instructions only to see the horse returned as winner at 9/10. Still a win is a win. The orig plan will continue to target £100 a day. The Extra plan rules state to add any shortfall to the next group of targets but as we are already chasing a rather large loss from yesterday the target for the next few days will now be the maximum allowed, which is £200.