Orig Plan

Bank £1732.71

Daily Profit -£1193.48

Running Bank £539.23

Extra Plan

Bank £2905.77

Daily Profit -£2386.96

Running Bank £518.81

The banks have both been as good as wiped out. There is not enough left to carry on the way I have been. Before I started the test I sent an e-mail asking the author whether qualifying Irish races should be included in the betting. They answered that they should be included if they meet the criteria. I do not think that it is a coincidence that on both days that the bank took a major hit there were Irish meetings included in the selections.

In order to give the system the best possible chance of proving itself a money spinner I intend to restart the test from scratch with fresh banks and to ignore the Irish meetings. If the banks are once again wiped out within a week, then I think we can say that this does not work. It is worth pointing out that today would have been a losing day even if using only the English racing, but the £760 loss on Monday would not have happened and would instead have been a £100 winning day so the banks would have been in a better position to stand the smaller loss today. I will start tomorrow with the same £2000 & £3000 banks and we shall see if we get further than a week this time.