FFF Plan Extra is a system based around betting on the favourites in certain races and relies heavily on the fact that favourites win their races approximately 33% of the time.

The system itself comes as two PDF files – the first contains the original system, whilst the second contains a “more advanced” staking plan. As it turns out, the more advanced staking plan is just a standard recovery staking plan, which was obviously introduced as the system failed to make a reliable profit using the original staking plan.

The system is not difficult to follow, but requires you to be glued to your PC for the duration of the qualifying races, or to use a betting bot to place the bets for you.

So, how did the system perform?

Well, in all my years of testing systems, this is the first time that I have broken two (yes, two!) betting banks during the same trial.

In order to make a consistent profit, the system relies on there only being occasional losing days. Whilst losing days do come along, two consecutive losing days are supposed to be very rare. So rare in fact, that we hit two sets of two losing days during the month long trial !!

Whilst the system rules are very clear on the whole, the area of joint favourites is somewhat confusing, with the system stating that you should place equal bets on each of the favourites. This can be tricky as in some races favourites become joint favourites only in the final seconds before the off. However, the advice in the book is correct. If it looks like joint favourites then place the full bet on each of the qualifiers (do not split the bet as I did in the early part of the trial) as that is the only way to consistently turn a profit from a joint/co-favourite situation.

Overall, given the fact that two betting banks were blown during the trial, I have no option but to place the FFF Plan Extra into the failed category.

Interestingly, there is a competing system out in the market place at the moment (Favourites Phenomenon) which uses an almost identical specification. However, in this case further safeguards are built into the system to prevent you from betting unless conditions are right and, in addition, this system also allows for extended cycles – presumably to increase your chancers of finding a winner.

You can get FFF Plan Extra here: