Hi All

I’m back with a new system to look at. FFF stands for Fortunes From Favourites and is a backing system from the same team behind Fancy Fillies.  The Extra in the title refers to a newly released updated staking plan that has been designed to cut losses and wring out more profit.

As the name suggests the system revolves around backing the favourite in races under certain conditions. The e-book is well written, easy to follow and has links to results pages that demonstrate how the system works. After reading the book I did have a couple of small queries so I sent an email to the authors and I’m pleased to say that I received a prompt, polite and helpful answer.

One of the main rules of the system is that you back the “unnamed favourite” in a qualifying race so you need to use traditional bookmakers rather than exchanges that do not offer this type of bet.

The basic idea is to make 1 point profit per day and a calculator is included to work out the stake required to hit the target. There is a strict stop at winner rule and a stop loss rule after 5 bets in order to protect the bank. This is where the Extra part of the book comes in. The original system plan is to just take the hit and start again the next day with the same target and make up the loss over the course of time, the new Extra staking plan shows how to recover any losses far quicker than that. It also advises how to recoup any shortfall in daily profit caused by a bet’s last second price change or in the event of their being joint favourites.

The book advises to place bets around 2 minutes before the off. As you are betting on an unnamed favourite you will be unsure of the exact price you are backing at and there is also the chance that a price movement will result in joint favourites meaning that your stake will be split over both horses. The book says that if it appears likely that there will be joint or co favourites you should try to get more stake money on to cover the split. If this is not possible then, if one of the fav’s wins, under the rules of the original plan you would just stop betting and take the smaller than aimed for profit. Under the Extra rules you would look to make up this shortfall in the same way you would an outright loss.

The betting bank size is dependant on which plan is used. If using the original plan a 20 point bank is recommended, if using the more aggressive Extra plan a 30 point bank is advised. For the duration of the test I intend to record results for both methods. This will give us a good idea which is the safer option. The selections for both ways will be the same but the staking could be very different depending on results.

For the sake of ease I will aim for £100 profit per day so that will require notional starting banks of £2000 for the original plan and £3000 for the Extra plan.

Clear advice is given on when to avoid using the system. Saturdays, Bank Holidays and the period during a major racing festival (Cheltenham, Royal Ascot etc) are to be avoided due to the research behind the system suggesting these could be tricky times. You are also advised to keep stakes low during February and March due to the number of unknown horses making their debuts.

So as to avoid giving away any of the qualifying rules I will just record the amount of profit/loss per day rather than giving the times or names of each bet.

I started the test yesterday with the banks as stated above.


Orig Plan

Bank £2000

Daily Profit £100

Running Bank £2100

Extra Plan

Bank £3000

Daily Profit £100

Running Bank £3100

A nice easy start. I am aware that this way of recording results is not overly informative but the rules need to be protected in fairness to the authors and the bottom line profit is the most important stat that we need to see.