Since tomorrow is an NFP day and that is a no-trade day for us, I can bring this 12 week test to a close on a positive note. We started the trial very successfully, quickly notching up over 100 pips in the first month, before gently slumping back into negative territory. However, we were never very far behind and I always felt that a couple of good days would bring us back into at least a small profit.

I’m pleased to say that we have achieved that in this last three days, with a net gain of 39pips, which puts us 36pips ahead overall. Using a stake per pip of £10, this would obviously yield £360, less the three month’s subscriptions, so the service is in profit, albeit a small one considering the level of investment. Still, the daily risk is kept low, with the stop loss never exceeding 30pips and more usually around 20.

So, not madly exciting but a reasonable prospect of profit over time. There’s no work involved in it, the texts arrive every morning between 7.30 and 9.30 without fail, you simply set up the orders as advised and leave them to fill or expire. If you have any questions, Arik, the provider, answers them quickly. It can be used on any platform and requires no great learning curve. You could even operate it by telephone.

For a simple and easy way to trade the Forex and FTSE markets, with small risks and little stress (all the decisions are made for you), this is a very acceptable means. It never sank more than a few pips into loss in the 12 weeks and is quite capable of 100 pips in a good month.Therefore, I’m awarding it a Passed rating.

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