A good week for the text service with three good trades, totalling 52 pips and bringing our running total for three weeks to 80 pips, at a Strike rate of 71.4%. This is a very satisfactory result since 13th September when I started this trial, no matter how you trade them. In fact, the figure for the whole month of September is a very nice 117 pips.

Traders will vary in their methods of staking, which is why I quote results in pips only to avoid being tied to any particular staking plan. My own preference is for the very good advice from the service provider, Arik, of risking 2.5% of your bank only. While this may seem slow to those who speak of staking £10 per pip, it should be born in mind that this would need a bank in the area of £10000, at 2.5% risk.

Overall then, nice income-enhancing figures, which we hope will keep coming.

There is a 30-day moneyback trial available here: